Nestled in the very heart of Quezon City, Secret Garden Venue and Resort is the newest garden paradise to sprawl in the venue list of big guest affairs. It is the perfect venue for weddings, debuts, christenings or company celebrations. Families and friends could also spend quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of city living. The Secret Garden provides the ultimate getaway that would certainly enable the guests to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Etched discreetly within the subdivision urban setting, the 700 seater garden resort is a hidden paradise waiting to be unveiled. It boasts of a well orchestrated almost 3500 square meters of flora surrounding the area that makes one feel closest to the bosom of nature.

Adding up to this lustrous garden is a 40 meter long simulated forest river and a 15 foot drop waterfall connected to a 140 square meter pool. To top it all, the whole garden is enclosed with a continuous flow of water tributary whose rippling sound will totally captivate one’s senses to another realm of earthly living.

In Secret Garden, each day starts with the exhilarating fresh breeze of the garden dew, and the comfort of residential resort living that can spoil you.

The Secret Garden pampers its guests with its state-of-the-art 100 square meter Suite Room, its occupants can indulge in. The guests upon arriving are given an attendant who will personally look after their needs from the time they check-in until they check-out.

Another choice of accommodation is the garden’s 31 square meter Private Room. Both rooms are fully furnished and are found in the log-cabin inspired cabana which is just a stone throw away from the rainforest-styled swimming pool.

While the Secret Garden gives its guests a wonderful experience during daytime, it also orchestrates an impressive night time scene. The ideal lighting system at night boasts an aura of elegance and romance for more tasteful guests.

Come and enjoy nature at its best, come to Secret Garden Venue and Resort.


Outdoor Pool
A 15 ft. waterfall highlights the relaxing ambiance surrounding the pool made of natural stone.

Garden Banquet
The Secret Garden offers a wonderful experience during daytime and an impressive and romantic aura at night.

Cave Room
Be awed by a romantic experience at the cave room. Enter through a waterfall, discover your needs behind concealed walls and see an spectacular view by your window.

Suite Room
Its 100 square meter area has an architectural design that is unique yet gives an air of elegance and comfort. Several view decks overlook the paradise below. It has a receiving room and functional comfort room.

The Master’s Bedroom has an exceptionally constructed king-size bed. It also has a pipe in music, hand-dryer and blow-dryer.

The comfort room is separated from the 2-in-1 spa. A separate bedroom with two beds is adjacent to the master’s bedroom.

Private Rooms
31 square meter air-conditioned room with two queen size beds, a sofa, and pipe-in music. It has a comfort room and even has its own lanai amidst a peaceful natural zone.

Fully Equipped Information Center
Our valued guests are entertained by our courteous staff in a fully-functional information area complete with brochures, catalogue and magazines, comfortable seats and pipe-in music.


All spots are wi-fi ready

We offer the use of our gym facilities to tone and flex you muscle while enjoying your stay.

Wishing Well
Be close to nature, make your wish come in our wishing well.

Garden Reception

A spacious ambiance that fills your needs…

Rockwaters and Waterfalls Venue

A 350 seating capacity landscaped garden with stunning view of swimming pool, waterfalls and rainforest-like atmosphere surrounding the venue with small bridge over a koi fish pond and wishing well.

Shoreline Venue

A 150 seating capacity landscaped garden with stunning view of waterfalls surrounded with white sands and small bridge over a koi fish pond and a mini boat.

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