The Wedding Cake Significance

In most wedding reception tradition, the cake is sliced by the couple together signifying the first meal shared by the new husband and wife, in some traditions it symbolizes them working hand in hand for their future family.

The Wedding Cake Significance

There is another cake at the reception and that is the groom’s cake which origin can be traced to the Victorian age in England. The groom’s cake is not served at the reception instead, it is served in boxes and are given to the women guests who are not married.

Although slicing the cake together is a known practice, it is said that originally, it was only the bride that would slice the wedding cake to represent purity at the newly married couple’s first night.

Wedding cakes varies in design which could reflect the couple’s personality and lifestyle. If you need to find some wedding cake design inspiration, you can look for wedding resource sites that features wedding cake of the week. In this way, you will surely have the best wedding cake for the best day of your life.

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