Jean Ong Bridal makeup artist. Mobile:(+63)(920) 910-26-25

Jean’s style of makeup leans towards enhancing the beauty of the one wearing the makeup thus her specialty is Natural looking Make-up, Beauty, and Glamour which are perfect for brides. With her background as an artist she also work wonders in creative works, specially in special effects.

As an artist she is well versed in the filled of makeup,she believe that doing makeup is a never ending learning experience. As she learn she also loves imparting her knowledge to those who are interested to learn, Thus she would organize intimate makeup workshops to teach budding makeup enthusiast little known secrets.

Makeup Specialty
Bridal, High Definition Beauty, Glamour, High Fashion Avant Garde, Special Effects

Services Offered
Bridal Hair and Makeup Services, Pre-Nup, Editorial Makeup, Corporate Shoots, Print Ads, HD TV, Character Makeup, and All Occasions Makeup.

Other Services Offered
Hair Styling Workshops
Makeup Workshops
Corporate Image Workshop

Websites: ( Website for my Wedding/ Bridal work) (for my other high fashion and creative work)

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