For me, entertaining people as an emcee on their special day (Wedding, Debut, Birthday, Anniversary and other Holiday Parties) is one strength, and fulfilment that I consider a purpose of my existence.  At the end of the program, when I see guest leaving the venue with full smile, shaking my hand and asking my contact number is the most immense sentiment of gladness that I get at the moment.

“Ryan Villamor is a professional Emcee, Master of Ceremony and Host for all types of event specially Wedding events where he really does the job with TLC to the couple and treat a Debutante like a Princess. He will sing your theme song on your First Dance and melt both the Bride and Groom’s heart for one another just like the first time they fell in love. DJ Private Ryan has fun games for all the guests, not leaving the Principal Sponsors stocked on their chairs. He will move all the crowd together with one command and everybody will jump and dance all the way the bride and groom or the celebrant with his live singing and DJ Mixing. Not only his Golden Voice your guests will remember, but by the way he does things and deliver every segment of the Reception Program, because with Ryan Villamor, “It’s not really a Party, without Me.”

Thank you for your time in knowing more about what I can do to your special day. FYI, I also organize Events and Produce Shows for any occasion and places.

Once you’re in…It’s never ending…

Greetings to you my beloved Client!

As your Company is about to organize an event for a particular occasion, I would like to present myself to be your prominent HOST or EMCEE to entertain the spectators and on any of your upcoming events. I believe I have the transmittable factor to engage all guests from all walks of life and different level of personality for an unforgettable grandiose celebration intended for the said event. Let me humbly ask, why do you need me and my services during your special event?

Gathering people, guests, friends, colleagues and VIPs is one thing, but to make the time and condition to attend and be in a certain situation in a gathering may not be well worth for them in terms of pleasure, recognition and satisfaction as far as the momentum is at peak during the duration of the program. Do they think and talk about the good experience or the happenings on the after-event? They do, unless they were entertained. How the event was handled will determine their reactions and comments, and the event will only become successful on how it was handled by the host or the emcee. That is why it is generally called Master of the Ceremony.

When it comes to literally hosting a party or any events, I artistically put Life on every segment of your program or simply enhance what you already have. The audience comes in different levels of personality, not all are opt for an entertainment, some would just nose around for some errors while some would expect much from what meets the eye and jingle their sense of hearing, others would just wait to be tickled and like many other things. My job is to pyramid these factors to the top and make one expectation and result to positive. Now with all my capacity, I will deliver them all, not only the way I throw the words, but I guess “looks” is one the many factors a front man should have to maintain the interest and not the dullness.

How about considering my package?

You are part of the company, which means you’re not supposed to be there to make things happen stress-fully just because you are obligated to do so and because you are the committee . SAME COSTS, SAME OLD PROGRAM FLOW… SAD EXPERIENCE. You only have one chance to do it right…leave it to me & my team, because I with my team can also organize the event for you.

For your event, I will conceptualize the right presentation to make it an entertainment. “You say it’s a Party, I make it a Show!” Let my expertise and my team’s knowledge work for you. We will bring you full event planning and directorship, a variety of talent performances to fit a theme and even decoration, making every segment at peak with awe as you enjoy every single minute of your time, because you are part of the happenings not the one monitoring.

My goal is to provide my client (s) a hassle-free and satisfactory event coordination and support. I’m talking about all events in general ( Anniversary Party, Stage Events, Christmas Party/ Debut B-day Party / Launching and most specially Weddings & etc.)

Professionalism is maintained while our client’s guests are regarded aside from just being entertained;
credibility consistency quality perfection
Professionalism is maintained while our client’s guests are regarded aside from just being entertained…because for me it is about delivering an event tremendously to a different level while the need is met;
I have been in the entertainment Industry for almost 20 years and had been working with all types of events specially the ones involved with direct audience and masses. Hands-on operation of the events flow and at the same time acts as emcee to the program flow is one advantage I can deliver on the spot on any type of events since I am also a radio personality, which is why I have a library of contacts to talents, bands, models and performers.

Please never think of me as expensive. Again, I’m just one person. You talk to me, you get the whole thing. Thank you so much and God bless us all.

Best regards.


It all started in school during college days when I loved to recite in my English class at USJ-R and  as an emcee during small programs and one big event of Lingo Ng Wika when my teacher in Filipino invited me to handle the hosting job.  From there, I was discovered to be the regular emcee in a local Talent Production during my entire student life.



Then, they all were just past times and did not take them seriously.  I worked in corporate companies, professionally after graduation.

But passion and talent would really knock from your heart to your mind making it itchy for expression and exposure.  To cut the story short, from part time Disc Jockey to full time Marketing employee, the booming City brought me to full time in event hosting from ground, intimate, personal and to corporate.



And so here I am, happy with what I’m doing and not stopping making good and fun memories to wedding couples, sweet debutantes and corporate clients and not to mention I also sing for them.  Through this field, I was able to recognize and appreciate local and true blood Cebuano Talents whose passion is directed at heart and not fading with time and tide no matter how our City would lead us to a progressing career, life and sometimes not (due to bad weather condition and deadly natural occurrences). These Talents like my respected friend Mr. Sam Costanilla who is a renowned host, broadcaster, comedienne, musician and journalist, you name it, is there to entertain Cebuano people and remind them that life should not be taken seriously.  We need to laugh at the simplest things.  I also learned the true value of belongingness which is accepting who really makes you happy and not what makes you happy about what you have and who you hang out with just to fit in and be recognized. All you have to be is just be in the middle, not on top, so you won’t drop hard when you fall.



Due to hectic schedule between family and business, I couldn’t find the right time to connect my service to local networks since everyday is day is a planning stage to the next and since that part also requires a regular time frame and presence. I figured not to have and make commitments yet.  Though, the thought in line with the passion of reaching out to the masses through broadcasting is always in mind.  For now, direct audience is at peak as far as hosting and event organizing is involved and being a freelance too is quite a full time job to handle.  Just to summarize up my service, is that aside from being the emcee in corporate events and parties, I also coordinate the whole program flow with my team at SMA Production as managing director and deliver party needs and equipments.



So, my big thanks to a lovable City of Cebu, its people and most of all to our dear Patron Saint, Sr. Sto. Nino for a very good year of 2014 for me and praying for a better new year this 2015. With the much anticipated Sinulog Fiesta Celebration, It is again another breathtaking task for me to handle the demands in hosting some of the following  independent events in line with the fiesta like  Sinulog Swag Dance Contest at the grounds of Crown Regency Osmena and the Fiesta Float of a new BPO Company [24]7 Customer Philippines Inc., which I also organized.  Viva Pit Senior!.



For bookings, you may contact me at +63942 008 3418 or +63905 255 2449 or you may visit my page at add me on


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